Dear community member,

Life today can be disconnecting. Media can drive us deeper into separateness. Many of us are yearning for something. Join us as we work to rekindle the enchantment of the commons that once existed in the Golden Age of Tango.

It's 1940, Buenos Aires. While world wars wage on the other side of the earth, neighbors gather to embrace one another.  An epic intergenerational, interracial, interclass social movement emerged of unprecedented power and purity.

Built on self-care and deep care of our partners, it enlivened of micro-local communities in ways that are still felt. And the music is unforgettable!

Here in Mar Vista, Oxygen Tango and the Tango Hatchery have been working together to recreate the joy of gathering to share this dance. The Tango Challenge is our most beloved gateway into the joyful world of social, improvised Argentine Tango.

It provides a rigorous curriculum, layers of expert and peer support, and milestones to guide your journey. There are only a few spaces left for this fall. Sign up today!

Warm regards,

Mitra Martin
Director, Tango Hatchery

Int-Adv Tango Challenge

  • Team Lab Sundays 3:30-4:30pm in Mar Vista
  • 30 min biweekly mini lessons at your convenience
  • Oxygen Tango class/practica Thursday OR Sunday
  • Music/culture advanced missions own time/own pace
  • Graduation ball and recital in every 12-16 weeks


  • $238/month for 12 months
  • Pause when needed for travel/breaks

Sign Up for Int-Adv Tango Challenge
Starts October 1st

Beginner's Tango Challenge

  • Team Lab Saturdays 3:30-4:30pm in Mar Vista
  • 15 min weekly mini lessons at your convenience
  • Oxygen Tango class/practica Thursday OR Sunday
  • Music/culture foundation missions own time/own pace
  • Graduation ball and recital every 12-16 weeks


  • $100 enrollment fee to secure your place
  • $287/month for 3 months

Sign Up for Beginner's Tango Challenge
Starts September 30th


All Challenges include FULL Oxygen Tango membership!

Sign up as a pair ~ 10% discount
Sign up as a group of 3 or more ~ 15% discount

The Tango Challenge 1

A popular, proven 12-week beginner immersion course that will teach you Argentine Tango from scratch. No partner necessary. 

What's Involved

  • Kickoff circle, intention setting, and forging team agreements 

  • Weekly: team session, community lab or class, community practica, mini lesson with your coach, practice with assigned buddy, online journal

  • Monthly: milestone project - field trips and recital

  • Closing feast


What You Will Learn 

You will have access to the full library of challenge missions to explore at your own pace and according to your interest. Detailed curriculum in these 5 areas:  

  • Dance - The Cross, Ochos, The Half Turn, The Turn, Milonga, Intro to Close Embrace

  • Music - Key Genres, Key Orchestras, Structure of Tango Events  

  • Culture/Communication - Local Community, Etiquette, Cabeceo 

  • Practice Skills - Solo Practice, Practice Partners, Demo Prep


Your missions will prepare you to get the most out of key milestone experiences: 

  • Tango musicality exam

  • Guided field trips to local milongas (2) 

  • Tango practice playlist preparation

  • The famous Graduation Ball Recital

  • Before & after session 



  • Commitment: 12 weeks

  • You may still participate even if you have to miss up to 2 weeks

  • Maximum 9 participants

At Oxygen Tango In Los Angeles Fall 2017 


Coach: Mitra Martin and Stefan Fabry facilitate the Tango Challenge. Stefan Fabry coaches mini-lessons. 

Dates: Kickoff Sat Sept 30th

Tuition: $100 Enrollment Fee, plus $287/month for 3 months: $187/month tuition + $100/month Oxygen membership. $55-$75 additional materials

The Tango Challenge 2

A lightweight, steady year-long support structure for grads to enjoy continued tango growth.

What's Involved

  • Kickoff circle (every 3 months we welcome new grads )

  • Weekly: community practica, self-directed missions, optional community classes/labs

  • Biweekly: 30-minute lesson, online journal

  • Monthly: circle & potluck social

  • Quarterly: milestone project 

  • Closing feast

What You Will Learn 

You will have access to the full library of challenge missions to explore at your own pace and according to your interest. Detailed curriculum in these 5 areas:  

  • Dance - Milonguero "Groove," Milonga, Vals, Complex Turns, Fancy Tricks, Walking Refinement

  • Music - 20 Orchestras, Rhythmic Structures, DJing 

  • Culture/Communication - Deep Etiquette, Mirror Dialogue

  • Practice Skills - Solo Practice, Trio Practice, Practice Games, Nuevo Analysis

  • Teaching Basics - Communication, Technique Rubrics, Strategies


Your missions will prepare you to get the most out of milestone experiences we will co-create as a team and with other community members and organizations. 

  • Field trips: Local, non-local, festival, marathon

  • DJ gigs: Lab, practica, milonga, all-nighter

  • Demo: Compact, Improv, Walking, Video, Choreo, Variación

Some of these milestones are experienced as a full team, some are done solo, as a pair, or as a small group. 


  • Commitment: Minimum 1 year/Maximum 3 years

  • Option to take 1 quarter (3 months) "off" with 1 month advance notice - no penalty, no problem

  • Accepts new participants quarterly: Oct, Feb, May, July

  • Minimum 4 participants / Maximum 16 participants

Oxygen Tango-three 33355 1.jpg

At Oxygen Tango In Los Angeles 2017-2018 

Coach: Mitra Martin and Stefan Fabry facilitate the Tango Challenge. Stefan Fabry coaches mini-lessons. 

Dates: Kickoff Sunday, October 1st

Tuition: $238/month for 12 months: $138/month tuition + $100/month Oxygen membership

The Tango Challenge® is a proven, systematic, delightful, customizable way for brand new beginners to learn Argentine Tango from scratch.

It is a learning adventure that gives absolute beginners the opportunity to become skilled, confident Argentine Tango dancers. It culminates in improvised recital and milestones.

The course is a holistic, intentional, facilitated community learning adventure that is conceived and designed to foster authentic connectedness all over the world.

It draws on cutting edge pedagogy, applying simple, active learning methods that reflect how humans best learn and grow. 

Hi everyone! I'm Mitra Martin and I've been exploring Argentine Tango for almost 2 decades since 1998. I spent 10 years as a full-time community-designer and co-founded Oxygen Tango with Stefan Fabry.

I believe in the power of tango to create connection, community and change and am dedicated to creating durable, flexible, high quality systems to support its growth without compromising its authenticity and creative and improvisational nature!

Getting the Tango Challenge into the hands and hearts of passionate community designers and learners who are ready for it is one of my passion-projects.

I facilitated the first 12 tango challenges and experienced firsthand, over and over again, its transformative power with all different kinds of learners and groups.

Favorite memory: a student was about to drop out from tango, saying it was "too hard." She stuck with it only because of her commitment to complete the challenge. Now, she's happily married to someone she met through the Tango Challenge with two beautiful babies! 

I have countless stories like this - it's so exciting how the challenge brings people together in such meaningful and creative ways that they end up to starting businesses together, going on voyages and adventures, establishing creative partnerships. I hope everyone who wants to, can benefit from the beauty of this powerful community-building program!  

What makes the Tango Challenge work so well? 

  • 1:1 contact and facilitated dialogue with an expert coach

  • Peer-to-peer learning: learn, reflect, and teach to solidify mastery of concepts

  • Mission-based micro-learning: fit it into small units of time

  • Self-directed learning - go at your own pace

  • Cohort-based, social learning with a supportive, committed team

  • Lightly facilitated informal learning opportunities

  • Supportive, experienced buddies

  • Proven, documented curriculum

  • Access to a rich set of curated resources to explore at your leisure

  • Multi-modal learning drawing on the power of a variety of formats that are suited to the interdisciplinary nature of the material  

  • A fun, immersive experience

  • Milestone-based learning to motivate practice and integration


In the words of past participants...

"Taking the challenge helped me overcome my doubts because I have a great supported system, and I have a team of newbies to be by my side. The discovery of the deep connectedness and deep self love through the dance became such a powerful experience." - Kim

"I had a very incredible growth in my tango abilities, I learned how to help someone begin dancing tango and how to immerse myself in the ideas behind the dance...A quick launch into a beautiful dance. Many new friends. A way to move forward with tango." - Andre, mechanical engineer

"The recital was awesome!" - Jack, entrepreneur

"I feel much more confident in my tango, from a technique but more importantly from a mental standpoint. The experience was invaluable in my understanding of the tango community and gaining perspective into both tango as a dance but also as a philosophy." - Terry, scientist

"I absolutely needed the cumulative structure, the immersion, the camaraderie, the commitment, the focused, ongoing attention from a patient and sensitive teacher."  - Sarah, V/O actor

"The Tango Challenge gave me a sound tango foundation in the mechanics of tango movement, mind/body awareness, and, most importantly, set me on a path of continual learning of this dance." - Shane, writer 

"The Oxygen Tango Challenge is the best program to learn Tango for beginners and intermediates. I learned essential fundamentals of tango, made new friends, performed an unforgettable performance at the challenge graduation in 3 months. I highly recommend to experience this wonderful program." - Dong Sung, HIV researcher

“The Tango Challenge helped bring to me a social confidence and recognition of the connections we share with each other. The Challenge also forged great friendships with my challenge-mates as well as the community in general. ” — Kris, Software Engineer

"The small group enabled us to develop a close, trusting bond in which we can share our challenges and how we were able to effectively deal with them as well as to celebrate each other's 'wins.' We were able to grow and evolve together and we became very close. The pairing with a more experienced tango 'buddy; and a graduation dance partner were also very beneficial. It made me realize that I can learn from every person I dance with and that there are many experienced dancers who are generous enough to coach and mentor others." —Dorothy D. 

“I made life-long friends with whom I shared the challenges and rewards of learning tango. The challenge helped me to focus better on the connection, get over my fears and anxieties and boosted my confidence because I could see that I was really making progress.” — Sergio, Film Editor

“The Tango Challenge is one of the best things I’ve ever been given the opportunity to do. I’ve thought that from the first meeting to the last, and I still think so a few days after the challenge has ended. I am so grateful to you for creating this program and conducting it with such love, wit, skill, dedication, and grace.” — Vin, Professor

“The Tango challenge was life-changing for me. Learning Tango parallels living life in so many ways. I experienced deep personal growth, overcame fears, excelled at a skill rapidly because of a deep commitment to it, and made a new family of friends.” — Annette, Administrative Assistant

"This is a seriously amazing program!" - Richa

"Argentine Tango was completely new to me and Tango Challenge taught me many aspects of Tango from footwork to identifying and feeling the music to learning the history of tango and meeting new friends. It is a commitment, and worth it." - Carol, Minneapolis

"The Tango Challenge [led by Sabine Ibes in Minneapolis] is the perfect combination of push to learn the music, the culture, and the dance, and handholding and hints as one prepares to attend their first milonga and beyond." - Tom, Minneapolis