About Us

Our vision is world peace. We see it emerging from a universal ability to fully embody leadership and followership, in connection with self, other, and community. We want everyone to have the opportunity to learn these skills through the tango embrace. 

To serve this vision, our mission is to create an ecosystem of resources to support a great experience for beginners and those who help them learn to tango.


Why Argentine Tango? 

Over a hundred years ago, Argentine tango emerged and brought humanity a new approach for learning and community. During the Tango's Golden Age in the 1940s, Buenos Aires enjoyed a blossoming of connectedness at the level of the micro-local community. The neighborhood tango club movement was intergenerational, interracial, interclass, and founded upon profound respect for women and for the powerful feminine in all of us. Men helped each other grow through peer-learning clubs that fostered camaraderie and support through practicing embodied leadership based on "following the follower."  We seek to bring the legacy of tango's spirit into a 21st century learning paradigm. 

What is the Tango Hatchery?

The vision of the Tango Hatchery is that beginners experience harmony with themselves, with others, and with the larger community in their first 2 years as Tango dancers.

Our mission is create a generative social field in which we cultivate the relationships that enable each cohort to become fully absorbed in the tango learning

What has emerged is a proven, systematic, delightful, customizable way for brand new beginners to learn Argentine Tango from scratch - a learning adventure that gives absolute beginners the opportunity to become skilled, confident Argentine Tango dancers. 

The course is a holistic, intentional, facilitated community learning adventure that is conceived and designed to foster authentic connectedness all over the world.

It draws on cutting edge pedagogy, applying simple, active learning methods that reflect how humans best learn and grow, including: 

  • 1:1 contact and facilitated dialogue with an expert coach
  • Peer-to-peer learning: learn, reflect, and teach to solidify mastery of concepts
  • Mission-based micro-learning: fit it into small units of time
  • Self-directed learning - go at your own pace
  • Cohort-based, social learning with a supportive, committed team
  • Lightly facilitated informal learning opportunities
  • Supportive, experienced buddies
  • Proven, documented curriculum
  • Access to a rich set of curated resources to explore at your leisure
  • Multi-modal learning drawing on the power of a variety of formats that are suited to the interdisciplinary nature of the material  
  • A fun, immersive experience

About Mitra Martin

Mitra Martin is the steward of the Tango Hatchery. Mitra‚Äôs life changed when she discovered a whole new paradigm of interdependence in improvised, community-based Argentine Tango while on a business trip to Buenos Aires in 1998. Mitra co-founded Oxygen Tango with Stefan Fabry in 2009. Her focus is developing an interconnected community learning experience, and facilitating conversation around excellence in Tango as a portal to personal and social transformation.