What is the Micro Challenge? 

The Micro Challenge is a bridge program that helps organizers of small-to-medium-sized communities and campus clubs engage learners in deepening their practice — and prepare to offer the Tango Challenge within the next 2-3 years.

Super easy, lightweight retention and engagement strategy facilitating fun practice between community members! It even works for beginners.

How it works:

You facilitate your promising learners to partner with one another for focused practice once a week for six weeks.

The benefits:

  • Learners engage and investigate Tango material more deeply, which helps them develop skill and satisfaction

  • They come to and actively participate in practicas - instead of skipping, or awkwardly sitting out

  • Learners deepen their relationships with one another, which makes them more likely to stick with Tango!

  • You strengthen learners’ engagement and retention with very little effort or administration

  • You and your community will get closer to being able to offer a full Tango Challenge!

  • You get the use of the practice partner facilitation app :) currently in beta testing.

What you’ll need

  • A small cohort of learners - a minimum of 4

  • Ideally this will be offered during or right after a beginner series

  • A six week time frame is recommended

  • You’ll need a local practica where participants can meet to practice

  • Optional: links to tips suggesting what/how to practice (you can also draw from a library we’ve been compiling!)

A Map of the Micro Challenge

Micro Challenge.jpg