Mitra Martin & Stefan Fabry

Mitra was a Tango festival addict for years. When Mitra settled down in Los Angeles, she wanted to bring some of the joy, depth, and quality of connection that she loved about the Tango festival scene to her new home.

At the time, Stefan was getting into tango and frustrated by what he felt was a very confusing and inefficient learning experience compared to the tightly organized modern dance training he experienced in Germany.

Together they formed The Global Tango Mar Vista Center for Tango Arts and Extremes and started exploring new approaches to learning and community building. 

They experimented with many programs, playing with frequency, duration, group size, curriculum, and formats. Along the way, they decided to establish a tango school, Oxygen Tango. Finally, they finally found a formula that clicked. That became the Tango Challenge! 

The Tango Challenge has grown and evolved with many contributions from its coaches, teachers at Oxygen, assistant facilitators, and Challenge students, buddies, and alumni and other members of the O2 community and the larger tango community. It continues to evolve to bring together the most effective approaches to tango learning available! 

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Hall of Fame - Tango Challenge Facilitators

The Tango Challenge has been facilitated by Mitra Martin, Fabienne Bongard, Stefan Fabry, Sabine Ibes. It has been adapted and offered in collaboration with Oxygen TangoCaltech Tango Club in Pasadena, CA and Tango & I in Minneapolis. It is a remarkably effective way to grow and develop your tango community. We are very happy to provide dedicated, caring, enthusiastic, hardworking teaching community organizers the opportunity to grow your community with this beautiful program!