Learn how you can strengthen your Tango community.

Training topics include:

  • How to apply Tango Levels rubrics and bring them to life in your practice and in your community

  • How to set up a peer-to-peer Learning Lab that allows you to hold engaging recurring programming for mixed-level groups with very little preparation

  • How to easily create a practice partner pairing system, that inspires retention, engagement, fun and satisfaction

  • How to recruit and train experienced social dancers in the surprisingly rewarding role of a “tango buddy” to beginners

  • How to select the right tools to facilitate your community experience online, guide to free software options

  • Learn a basic notation system that will help you organize class material and help dancers learn and remember faster

  • How to be more intentional in your community facilitation, and articulate the qualities you aim to cultivate

  • How to optimize your schedule across the range of learning formats (e.g., classes, labs, bootcamps, courses, practicas)

  • How to welcome beginners into ever deeper levels of engagement

Plan 1:1 Tango Organizer Coaching with Mitra Martin

Online Via Zoom Video Conference